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Definition of " 直到 " in Chinese (Trad.) English Dictionary
直到 {zhi2 dao4}
  • {ADV} through
  • {PREP} into, till, until, while
早餐供應從上午8:00直到10:00點。 {zao3 can1 gong1 ying4 cong2 shang4 wu3 ba1 dian3 zhi2 dao4 shi2 dian3}
  • {PHR} serve: Breakfast is served from 8 till 10 a.m.
直到什麼時候? {zhi2 dao4 shen2 me5 shi2 hou4}
  • {PHR} time: Till what time?
商店開門時間直到六時。 {shang1 dian4 kai1 men2 shi2 jian1 zhi2 dao4 liu4 shi2}
  • {PHR} open: The shops are open till six o'clock.
從早晨6:00點直到晚上10:00點 有客房服務。 {cong2 zao3 chen2 liu4 dian3 zhi2 dao4 wan3 shang5 shi2 dian3 you3 ke4 fang2 fu2 wu4}
  • {PHR} available: Room service is available from 6 a.m. till 10 p.m.