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Definition of " 失 " in Chinese (Trad.) English Dictionary
  • {N} mishap, mistake
  • {V} fail, lose, miss
大失所望 {da4 shi1 suo3 wang4}
  • {A} disappointed: greatly disappointed
大驚失色 {da4 jing1 shi1 se4}
  • {A} apprehensive
不失為 {bu4 shi1 wei2}
  • {PHR} accept: may after all be accepted as, consider: can still be considered to be
不失時機 {bu4 shi1 shi2 ji1}
  • {V} lose no time, moment: seize the opportune moment
他失去知覺了。 {ta1 shi1 qu4 zhi1 jue2 le5}
  • {PHR} unconscious: He is unconscious.
半失業 {ban4 shi1 ye4}
  • {A} partly employed, semi-employed, underemployed
外匯損失 {wai4 hui4 sun3 shi1}
  • {N} exchange losses
失之交臂 {shi1 zhi1 jiao1 bi4}
  • {V} miss, miss opportunity
失手 {shi1 shou3}
  • {V} accidentally drop
失火 {shi1 huo3}
  • {N} blaze
  • {V} catch fire
失火! {shi1 huo3}
  • {INTRJ} fire!
失主 {shi1 zhu3}
  • {N} owner of lost property
失去 {shi1 qu4}
  • {N} missing
  • {V} lose
失去意識 {shi1 qu4 yi4 shi2}
  • {A} unconscious
失地 {shi1 di4}
  • {N} lost territory
失守 {shi1 shou3}
  • {V} fall
失色 {shi1 se4}
  • {V} eclipse: be eclipsed, outshine: be outshone, turn pale
失血 {shi1 xue4}
  • {V} blood: lose blood
失利 {shi1 li4}
  • {N} fail, failing, failure, overshoot
  • {V} defeat: suffer defeat
失言 {shi1 yan2}
  • {V} remark: make an indiscreet remark
失足 {shi1 zu2}
  • {V} slip, step: take a wrong step in life
失事 {shi1 shi4}
  • {N} wreck
  • {V} accident: have an accident, be off
失和 {shi1 he2}
  • {V} feud
失宜 {shi1 yi2}
  • {A} inappropriate
失明 {shi1 ming2}
  • {N} blindness
  • {V} sight: lose one's sight, blind: go blind
失物 {shi1 wu4}
  • {N} lost articles, lost property
失物招領處 {shi1 wu4 zhao1 ling3 chu4}
  • {N} lost-and-found, lost property office, lost-and-found office
失物招領處在哪里? {shi1 wu4 zhao1 ling3 chu4 zai4 na3 li5}
  • {PHR} lost-and-found: Where is the lost-and-found?
失迎 {shi1 ying2}
  • {V} fail to meet a guest
失信 {shi1 xin4}
  • {V} promise: break one's promise, word: go back on one's word
失約 {shi1 yue1}
  • {V} fail to keep an appointment